My background

Jeanne Maralyn
I was born in Malta and came back to the UK when I was 18 months old. My father was serving in the Royal Navy, Fleet Air Arm.

I did not return to Malta until 2003, and then fell in love with Malta.

I have several interests, my most enjoyable hobby is flying but it is now very expensive. I enjoy driving and like to do something a bit different, as an Off-road day with Land Rover, Marie Currie Drive challenge  and in 2013 a wing walk.

I've managed to trace my father's side of the family tree, right back to Roman times and Caswallawn King of Britain 56-55BC.

I am the webmaster for The Friends of Dame Laura Knight Society.

I have had ago at riding a Segway (blurry picture) and the the longest Zipwire in Europe.

But one of the best adventures I have done, was to fly, and hands on, in a Spitfire, July 2019.

Next, I would really like a flight in a seaplan - well I can dream.

Left to do on my list - I would like a go, in a warm climate, water skiing. Malta perhaps?