I am actively researching into different areas of my family tree.

Amoungst which I have found information on the medieval Kings of Glamorgan, some details of the Godwins branch (1778), the Barbers (1752) and descendants of Richard of Llwchwr, who adopted the surname "Lougher" c 1500.

Richard himself is a descendant of the medieval kings of Glamorgan, who descended from a male-line of native local governors in Roman Britain, the Dukes of Gwent, who were the successors of the pre-Roman British kings, that is, the Old British Royal House of Iron Age Britain, the Celtic Brehins [High-Kings]. This dynasty, of 66 generations, traditionally descends from Brutus, called "first" King of Britain by Geoffrey of Monmouth, who placed Brutus in history at [circa] 1100BC.

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