My Vulcan

In 1982 I was passenger in  Avro Vulcan  XL319.
We flew from RAF Waddington to Malvern.  Flying quite low over where I worked at RSR Malvern.
Seen here, me and the crew - Capt. Flt.Lt. R Lole & Radar Flt. Lt. G Brady and others ( sorry do not have your names guys); standing in front of XL319.  To read more history of 'my vulcan' click here. Just landed was Vulcan XH558.

Meanwhile Vulcan XH558 can be seen here - a flypast with the Red Arrows
for the final time on 19 September 2015 at Southport Airshow. Click pic to enlarge

- photo courtesy of Cpl Steve Buckley RAF/MOD, OGL

Her final flight was on 28th Oct 2015 and is described here. Sad.

On 23rd March 1993, a commemorative Wing Plaque was made marking the 25th Anniversary of XH558's final flight in RAF service.  My Capt. Flt Lt. R Lole and Geof Brady are mentioned.

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